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What does the Comptroller do?

The New York City Comptroller is New York City’s Chief Financial Officer. The mission of the office is to ensure the financial health of New York City by advising the Mayor, the City Council, and the public of the City’s financial condition.

The comptroller also makes recommendations about City programs and operations, fiscal policies and financial transactions. In addition, the comptroller:

  • audits city agencies;
  • investigates all matters concerning the City’s finances;
  • registers and audits contracts;
  • issues and sells city bonds; and
  • manages the assets of the City’s sinking, trust and pension funds.

The comptroller performs budgetary analysis to eliminate waste and fraud in city operations.

As Comptroller, I will:

  • Bring transparency, efficiency & accountability to New York City government
  • Balance the city’s budget by defunding wasteful, counterproductive city initiatives
  • Push for lower taxes to allow you and your family to keep more of your hard-earned income
  • Break the stronghold of the corrupt two-party system on city politics

I’m running for comptroller as the Libertarian Party’s nominee because I want to offer you an alternative to the usual divisive demagoguery offered by the major parties. As your comptroller, I will make certain that city government is responsive to the interests of the people, rather than the special interests vying for your tax dollars.
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